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AUBET Agent System (Weekly Settlement)

We aim for this agent commission system to bring you higher returns and establish a successful partnership with you. If you have any questions or need more detailed information, please contact our customer service department to apply for an account. We wish you great success in your agency business!

Agent Commission Calculation:

Agent Profit/Loss (Overall) - Cash Flow Fee 5% - System Fee 2% - Game Turnover 8% - Discounted Cost) * Agent Percentage

The discounted cost is borne together with AUBET according to the agency ratio. If you want to apply for AUBET agent, please agree to the above conditions before applying.

Agent Members and Profits:

Agent Guidelines (Please read carefully):

  • If you add fewer than 1 new valid member per week, the agent commission will be calculated as zero.
  • A valid member is defined as a member who recharges and places bets during the week.
  • If you add fewer than 1 new valid member but have profits/losses exceeding 30,000, you can still enjoy a 20% agent commission.
  • Each agent can only have one agent account; any violations will result in all agent offline members being transferred to the company's main line.
  • Weekly commission settlements and distribution will take place on Monday to Tuesday the following day.
  • First, calculate the number of valid members, and if it falls short, then calculate the profit/loss amount.
  • When applying to withdraw agent commissions, your binding information must match your personal information. If they do not match, commissions will not be allocated. You will need to verify your identity with the customer service department and update your information before resubmitting commissions.


  1. Each member, each account, each address, each e-mail address, each phone number, the same payment method and IP address can only enjoy the discount once; if a member applies for an account repeatedly, AUBET reserves the right to cancel or delete the membership discount winning rights.
  2. Bets on sports betting, hedge or opposite bets will not be counted, bets that are not accepted / match result is tied / match canceled bets will not be counted。Risk-free bets do not count when betting on games such as live casino/slot games/lottery games。Risk-free bets including but not limited to Baccarat betting on Banker, Tie and Player at the same time, Roulette simultaneous betting on "black + red, odd + even, big + small", Any canceled events or rounds will not be counted.
  3. All the discounts are specially designed for members. If any group or individual is found to dishonestly claim bonuses or any threats or abuse of discounts, AUBET reserves the right to freeze or cancel the group or individual account and account balance.
  4. AUBET reserves the right of final interpretation of the event, as well as the right to modify and terminate the event without notice, applicable to all promotions.
  5. If a member has a dispute over the activity, in order to ensure the rights and interests of both parties and prevent identity theft, AUBET has the right to require members to provide us with sufficient and valid documents to confirm whether they are eligible for the offer.
  6. AUBET introduces the latest arbitrage query system and links with major platforms. If any behavior suspected of arbitrage is found, the account will be risk controlled and the points will be frozen.
  7. The explanation, adjustment, modification and final interpretation of all activity rules belong to AUBET.